Maid2Clean MD Becomes MMU Ambassador

Maid2Clean is proud to announce that MD Mike Hanrahan has accepted the title of Business Ambassador for Manchester Metropolitan University.

Maid2Clean is now an international brand and provides work for some 14,500 people. The university likes to recognise business success from its alumni and very few are awarded the honour of Business Ambassador.

Mike stated “It’s a great honour to be recognised by the university and it’s wonderful to be able to give something back to the University. I will now be speaking to Masters and under-graduate students to share knowledge and experience in franchising, small-business and start-ups.

Mike was also interviewed for the MMU Success Magazine (read the article here) in the same month.

Further details can be obtained from the contact details below.

Kerry Adams on 0845 2570677 or

Maid2Clean MD Marketing Boost for Supreme Home Care


Supreme Home Care Franchising have appointed a new Director of Marketing.

Mike Hanrahan, founder of well-established franchise Maid2Clean, has joined the Shropshire-based business which offers high quality and dependable home care.

With his infectious enthusiasm and expertise in marketing, Mike will be tasked with accelerating the development of a national franchise network.

He said: “I am delighted to be joining forces with such a clinically excellent, ethical franchisor and I am looking forward to working with founders Jacky Earnshaw and Sue Robson to improve the way Supreme Home Care positions its product in the market place.”

“I’ve discovered that Supreme Home Care has a real gem of a franchising model that is structured to help franchisees serve the home care market.”

Supreme Home Care was established in October 2006 by Jacky Earnshaw and Sue Robson after identifying the need for high quality home care in Shropshire and the surrounding area.

Three years later they established Supreme Home Care Franchising to take the successful service model and offer it as a fully supported franchise.

Sue Robson said: “We were introduced to Mike and it was immediately obvious that his skills and experience were exactly what we needed. We are so excited that he has agreed to join the Board and lead on marketing for us.”

Before venturing into the franchising arena, Mike held a number of senior management roles for Shell UK, EDS and Getronics. In 1993 he set up Maid2Clean, which offers high quality domestic housekeeping, cleaning and ironing services to private households. The business proved so successful it has now been rolled out across the country through a hugely successful franchise model.

For more information about Supreme Home Care Franchising, visit or call 01952 216 700.

Richard Farleigh Meets Cheshire Business Owners

Richard Farleighand Mike HanrahanRichard Farleigh of Dragons Den fame recently attended the 2012 Cheshire Business Expo at Portal, Tarporley, giving an inspirational talk about his own journey to success to a packed audience of local business leaders.

Born in Victoria, Australia, Farleigh claimed his ancestors were of criminal descent. As one of eleven children and spent part of his childhood in an orphanage, demonstrating you don’t have to come from a privileged background to be successful.

After studying maths and economics at university he went into investment banking dealing in derivatives and thereafter as a proprietary trading dealer. Risk taking was part of his daily life. At one time he could have been the highest paid hedge fund manager in the world. He retired after making a fortune and went on to represent his country in chess at the Mexico Olympics.

He spoke about the importance of ‘fear’ when starting a business and told the audience of a company called Mega Brands that he started with Pat Cash the tennis player. Here he explained his idea that some businesses must operate at a loss to initially gain market share and that “monetisation happens later.”

He also cited universities as a great source of ideas but went onto explain that ideas themselves were worth nothing and that “execution was everything.”

He was a seed investor for an online fashion company that eventually floated for £500m. Farleigh claimed that businesses could be looked at as systems of trial and error, and that from his experience, operating them always costs more than you think. He then spoke about the importance of taking little risk where you can. Maid2clean has always taken the same stance when launching franchisees businesses and franchising is seen as a low-risk entry into business.

“Trade from home if you can” Farleigh claimed, (something else Maid2clean recommends). He cunningly recommended going to trade shows, not as an exhibitor but to sell to the exhibitors.

Farleigh has taken 15 companies to floatation on AIM and cited Scottish manufacturer Wolfson as one of his better investments.

Next his talk moved onto Dragon’s Den and said that the program is probably not the best barometer from which to measure a business by, giving the fictitious example that Alexander Fleming would probably have been missed by the Dragons if he turned up with a petri dish full of mould. He was one of the original backers of Reggae Reggae Sauce and claimed that “Levi Roots, not the Sauce” was a huge USP of the brand and one of the inspirations to invest in that business.”

“Listening to how successful entrepreneurs like Farleigh have made it is truly inspiring. Compared to most of Farleigh’s investments, I’m pleased to say our franchisees see the Maid2Clean franchise as a much lower risk” said Mike Hanrahan.

Maid2Clean’s Dominance Shines Through

We are living in changing times and as the saying goes “Shift happens”

Maid2Clean became the dominant cleaning brand in the United Kingdom, with over 140
franchised territories under its cleaning belt; this article looks at how the business became
the overwhelming success in the franchising world.

So how exactly did Maid2Clean get from Here to There? MD Mike Hanrahan stated “The last
nine years has not been an easy ride for anyone in the franchising world. There are no magic
secrets to our success other than a highly successful business model, hard work and a
determination to ensure all franchisees have an opportunity to develop and grow their
businesses with the best tools and support in the industry.”

The company that first started offering an agency service to domestic cleaning
householders in Cheshire, now supplies work for some 13,500 cleaners. If you include those
engaged in Canada, Ireland and Australia many more can be added to this figure.

So what does Maid2Clean hope to achieve in the future? “Our focus will be to increase the
number of UK and overseas franchisees alongside helping our existing franchisees to
develop and grow their respective businesses. It has taken us many years to achieve more
franchisees in our sector than our competitors and we will continue to develop the best in
class brand portfolio items delivering exceptional service in the market place and
franchisees.” Commented Mike Hanrahan.

Maid2Clean Appoints Laura Sutton as Assistant Office Manager

Maid2Clean is delighted to announce the appointment of Laura Sutton as Trainee Manager, based at Head Office. Laura has previously worked in the insurance and customer service industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Laura will be involved in the everyday running and support at the Maid2Clean Head Office. Over the next two years Laura will gain a wide range of new skills with her training with us.

Laura’s main duties will be to work alongside Jodie Buckley in arranging head office visits, recruiting and supporting training operations, dealing with any franchisee queries, the day to day billing and other administration duties that will help her successfully run a business.

Laura was most enthusiastic with her appointment. She stated “I’m delighted with my appointment to the Maid2clean management team. Mike has told me that when we roll out thousands of qualifications to our cleaners with our trademarked MaidVersity programme in 2012, I will instrumental in supporting the franchisees with this initiative. I’m really pleased to be a part of such a fast growing and ever expanding business. I look forward to my time at Maid2clean and feel I will gain an incredible amount of business knowledge. I feel this is great opportunity to learn while I work and gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the business and see how every aspect throughout the whole of the business works, from recruiting cleaners to running a Master Franchise.”

Mike Hanrahan commented “We are thrilled to have Laura on board here at Head Office; her skills fit the requirements of the franchise operations. She beat 34 other applicants to the post. Her natural collaborative management style will blend well with our management team and franchisees alike. Her previous experience will help her when dealing with all aspects of the franchise operation including the management our cleaner acquisition for the Shropshire cleaner operation.”

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