Maid2Clean Backs QFP Qualification

Maid2Clean is proud to announce that it’s M.D Mike Hanrahan has achieved the status of Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP.) This qualification is recognition on a personal level of commitment, and time to professional development and ethical franchising.

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is the only nationally recognised qualification specific to the franchising industry. Mike Hanrahan who has been awarded the qualification after completing the course and having demonstrated his professional knowledge and experience to an independent review panel. Mike commented “I took the QFP to ensure I’m at the top of my game as MD of Maid2Clean, keeping up to date with the latest best practice teachings in franchising, serving franchisees and clients to the maximum extent.”

Developed by the British Franchise Association (bfa), the Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) builds on the ethics of the bfa and the importance of franchising best practice giving individual franchise professionals formal recognition of their skills and experience. Mike told us “The course brought to my attention a number of things that has refocused the way in which Maid2Clean is engaging with the market and franchisees. For instance it highlighted that franchise prospects are influenced by a number of factors, not least of which is the pulling power of the brand and unless the brand is articulated to the market effectively, how can customers understand it? Presented with this problem my priority task was to look at our cleaning service agency offering and the franchise business offering and decide on the best way to articulate them to the market place. I’ve since commissioned a new website site dedicated to this quest”

Mike’s primary focus when doing he qualification was not simply to gain the qualification but rather to learn from the latest best practices in franchising in order to remain on top of his game as MD of Maid2Clean.

In addition to the course, written statements and review panel, commitment to attending events such as the annual bfa conference and regional forums had to be demonstrated. The bfa have stated that franchising will benefit hugely from this qualification by allowing those already working in an ethical manner to demonstrate this more clearly too potential clients and members of the public.

With the recent tough economic climate causing many people to think about entering into the franchise world, this qualification will hopefully give Maid2Clean an added reassurance to the brand their customers are buying into.

Further details can be obtained from the contact details below.

Mike Hanrahan on 0845 2570677 or

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