Maid2Clean announces Discovery Days for 2010

Maid2Clean has announced the following discovery day dates for people looking to run their own business. These informal days are ideal if you would like to look at a professional business in a relaxed atmosphere with a franchisor that trades the same business model as the franchisees.

The dates are below

Month Dates
January 29 & 30
February 26 & 27
March 27 & 28
April 29 & 30
May 28 & 29
June 25 & 26
July 23 & 24
August 27 & 28
September 24 & 25
October 29 & 30
November 26 & 27
December 24 & 25

Further details can be obtained from Mike Hanrahan on 0845 257 0677.

The NEC for BFA Franchisors

Mike Hanrahan

Pictured here is Mike Hanrahan with Sir Bernard Ingram (President of the BFA) and Brian Smart (Director General of the BFA). All were present at the NEC in October 2008 to support BFA Franchisors such as Maid2Clean in promoting ethical franchising. The volume of visitors at the show demonstrated that Maid2Clean is one of the hottest franchises around.

Peter WilliamsFor anyone who knows anything about franchising, Peter Williams is one of the most respected Franchise Consultants in the UK’s franchising industry. Peter writes for a number of franchise publications and advises a number of franchisors in the UK on Franchising Matters. It is no surprise that Maid2Clean engaged Peter’s services when setting up the Maid2clean management franchise in the domestic cleaning market many years ago. He continues to offer the best franchise advice today.

Doug RichardsDoug Richards one of the Dragons from the famed TV programme Dragons Den recently did a motivational speech to a number of business leaders in Cheshire (pictured with Mike Harahan – former MD).

He told the audience that he started in business at the age of 27. Anyone can be an entrepreneur and run their own businesses. He claims to have been accidentally successful to date in a number of businesses but prior to that had failed on a number of occasions in various jobs.

Of the 21 jobs he had previously worked he had been sacked in most of them. Jobs varied from cleaning in a diner, juggling in a fair, forklift truck driving and working in a cannery in Alaska.

The jobs varied from physical type jobs to some that involved his education. He graduated in law school as an attorney but found his career the law” staggeringly boring.”

He quit his job as an attorney on day 29 and was told by a partner at the law firm he worked that he would be a failure in life. Having had enough of working for somebody else he went into business with his brother to promote the business of “automation for any business.”

The advice he gave the delegates was:

  • Set big goals
  • Never leave with a “no” from a meeting
  • Always have a positive mental attitude
  • Find ways to have a good time
  • Get as much education as you can
  • Measure people solely on their performance and outcomes

Do you as a prospect franchisee see any similarity with your own career to date? Do you have a desire to work yourself ? Would you like to work for yourself but not by yourself?

The Maid2Clean business is directly in alignment with these nuggets of advice.

  • All franchisees are set a clearly defined and tailored business plan. (Clarity of goals)
  • Franchisees have a positive mental attitude knowing that they are simply playing a numbers game and by following a proven system will build an ongoing residual income and asset.
  • Franchisees operate the business to fit in with their own lifestyles and in doing so discover that life is about living.
  • Franchisees receive a comprehensive training programme and are well educated in advance of starting the business.
  • Franchisees measure themselves solely on the development of their businesses and the Income that they enjoy from the business.

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