Wealth Potential in 5 Career Stages – which stage are you at?

Have you ever wondered how the wealthiest self-made people did it? They did it in 5 or less stages. This is not something that taught in schools and perhaps the world would be a better place if it was. Your children would benefit from knowing this right now.

People should know about the five stages so they could do something about it if they wanted. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules here is a basic explanation of how the system generally works.

The following explanations are generalisations and do not apply in all instances as there will always be exceptions to the rule.

Stage 1 Individual – Students, Unemployed or those on Government Benefits

Most people start off as stage 1 individuals. These include college & university students, the unemployed and even those living on benefits. The primary focus of these people is fulfilling their basic needs (food, shelter and heat etc).

Students take out loans and are expected to pay them back. The unemployed often receive monies from the government to barely survive. Many people in Stage 1 are in debt.

Stage 2 Individual – Job workers

Becoming employed helps people to move up the financial security chain. At stage 2 their focus is on surviving, paying their basic bills and surviving month to month. Due to the career choice of becoming an employee, they are statistically very unlikely to become wealthy – many are in debt.

Stage 3 Individual – Self Employed

Stage 3 people have taken the bold step of becoming self-employed. These people should be congratulated for their courage. If their chosen profession is a good one, they can earn considerably more than those people in Stages 1 & 2.

Advantages that stage 3 individuals have over stage 2 counterparts are that they are their own boss and can choose the hours they work. A disadvantage is that in reality they actually have a ‘job’ but the difference is they are working for themselves.

Generally speaking, as they exchange their time for money they don’t get paid when they are not working and unlikely to create considerable wealth for themselves – this is a huge weakness. Some are in debt.

Stage 4 Individual – Business Owner

The biggest wealth potential dividing line is shown between stages 3 and 4!

A huge leap in wealth potential is made moving to a stage 4 individual. Here the business owner creates a business whereby people work for them to make them more money. Yes the risks are higher when depending on individuals but so are the rewards if you get it right. Effort is required but a residual income is offered.

The Maid2clean logo is shown here because Maid2Clean offers the potential to move from the left hand side of the wealth potential line to the right hand side where a ‘real business system’ offers residual income to the owner.

*(“A real business is defined as one that will pay the owner whether they are present in it or not in the long term” – Mike Hanrahan 2003)



Stage 5 Individuals – The Passive Income Earner

Stage 5 individuals use money (not people) in the form of investments to get a return that makes them more money. Many people would love to earn a living entirely from investors and very few make it. To become a self-made passive income earner you have to accumulate monies from the other stages.


You can jump wealth potential stages but it is unlikely that you will get to the right hand side of the big divide without some learning about business in stages 1-3. It can take months, years or decades.  Most people will never make it!

You can have feet in more than one of the stages at once. Many Maid2Clean franchisees remain at Stage 2 (to keep the wolves from the door) whilst they grow their businesses to a certain level before moving entirely to stage 4.

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